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The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) stands at the forefront of the global wine, spirits, and sake industry, renowned for both its prestigious qualifications and its commitment to advancing research and knowledge in the field. Established in 1969 as a provider of wine education for the UK trade, WSET® has grown into an international standard, recognized and respected worldwide.


Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of the world's most exceptional wines and spirits while gaining a profound understanding of their production, sensory evaluation, and service. WSET® proudly offers internationally recognized certificates that not only embody the pinnacle of education but are also shaped by ongoing research and innovation.


In collaboration with Taylor's University, we provide hospitality professionals and wine enthusiasts with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from WSET® UK-certified professional wine trainers. These trainers bring a wealth of expertise and stay at the forefront of industry research, ensuring that participants receive the latest insights and knowledge.


One of our flagship programs, the WSET® Level III course, offers an extraordinary experience of wine tasting encompassing up to 50 different varieties. This comprehensive approach enables participants to cultivate the authority and confidence required to make well-informed decisions in any wine-related context. Moreover, our commitment to research ensures that the course material reflects the latest industry trends, scientific discoveries, and emerging regions.


Join the global community of WSET® and be part of a vibrant network that not only offers unparalleled education but also actively contributes to research and development. Together, we push the boundaries of knowledge, driving innovation in the fascinating world of wines, spirits, and sake. Discover the transformative power of education combined with cutting-edge research with WSET®.

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines

A beginner-level introduction to wine, suitable for those starting a wine career or pursuing an interest in wine. For individuals new to wine study, this qualification provides a hands-on introduction to the world of wine. You’ll explore the main types and styles of wine through sight, smell, and taste, while also gaining the basic skills to describe wines accurately and make food and wine pairings. Upon successful completion you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin.


WSET Level 2 Award in Wines

WSET's Level 2 Award in Wines is a beginner- to intermediate-level qualification exploring wines, suitable for industry professionals and wine enthusiasts. This qualification is intended for beginners wishing to learn about a wide range of wines or those seeking to build on the introductory knowledge gained with the WSET Level 1 Award in Wines. You’ll gain knowledge of the principal and regionally important grape varieties of the world, the regions in which they are grown, and the styles of wine they produce. Through a combination of tasting and theory, you’ll explore the factors that impact style and quality and learn how to describe these wines with confidence.

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

An advanced-level qualification for professionals working in the wine industry and for wine enthusiasts. For individuals seeking to delve deeper into the world of wines, this qualification provides a detailed understanding of grape-growing and wine-making. Upon completion you will be able to assess wines accurately and use your understanding to confidently explain wine style and quality. Upon successful completion you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin and will be able to use the associated WSET-certified logo.


Meet The Trainer

Joaquim Dias Soeiro.jpg

Dr. Joaquim Dias Soeiro

Head of School, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, Taylor’s University

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reuben front.jpg

Reuben Suresh Arthur

Senior Lecturer, Taylor’s Culinary Institure Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, Taylor’s University

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Custom Courses

We provide a tailored wine course designed to meet the specific needs and interests of our clients. Our custom course in wine covers a wide range of topics, including wine regions, grape varietals, tasting techniques, food and wine pairing, wine production and history, and more.


Our experienced instructors work closely with clients to understand their goals and preferences, and develop a personalized curriculum that fits their needs. Whether you are a novice or an experienced wine enthusiast, our custom course in wine is designed to help you deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the world of wine.

To discuss opportunities for custom or satellite courses please contact us. 

Upcoming Courses

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20 January 2024

1 March 2024

18 May 2024

28 June 2024

28 September 2024

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13 - 15 March 2024

25 - 27 April 2024

4 - 6 September 2024

23 - 25 October 2024

4 - 6 December 2024

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25 - 27, 29 & 30 July 2024

9 - 13 December 2024

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