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Hospitality Practitioner Training 2.0


In 2021, Taylor's will be launching a series of online "nano" trainings especially designed for F&B and Culinary frontliners.


Together with the Malaysian Association of Hotels, we have designed a unique learning approach to provide  hospitality workforce the opportunity to broaden their industry knowledge and support them in their professional development.

Envisioned as a full digital experience, we leverage on the latest online training technology and apply the principles "nano" learning to provide a learning experience fully customized for working adult. Participants are empowered and given the freedom to access the content anytime, from a wide range of device (laptop, Mobile phone etc) and complete the training at their own pace. 

To support the industry in this challenging time, Taylor's will provide this coming January 2021 an early access to the upcoming frontliners "nano" trainings, and give participants the opportunity to complete three modules selected by our team. 50 complimentary seats are offered and will be allocated on first come first serve basis. 

Find out all the details on the trainings below and register to secure your seat. We encourage applicants to go through all the sections below before registering.

Access to the registration form is provided at the bottom of this page.

Dear Applicants

Thank a lot for you interest for the Hospitality Practitioner training 2.0

All available seats have been booked, and registration are now closed. We will be providing more training opportunities throughout the year with MAH , you can provide us your details by clicking on the link below and will contact you for any upcoming training.


The Project team

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Who is the training for ?

The trainings are designed for rank and file employee with experience in the Culinary or F&B field.

The trainings would be suitable for employee holding positions as such : 

  • Waiter, captain, butler, bartender, barista

  • Commis, Chef de partie

The trainings would not suit the needs for supervisors or higher positions.

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Am I eligible ?

To register, participants must : 

  • Be currently employed

  • Provide a professional email

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My employer does not provide me a professional email, how can I apply ?

Participants who do not have a professional email can of course apply for the training but are required to provide details of a referee​.

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Who can be my referee ?

Your referee must work in the same company and  possess a professional email.

The referee can be any of your superior within the same  or related department. For example, if you are a Chef de Partie, your referee could be the executive sous chef, or the executive chef etc.

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Me and my colleague wish to attend the training. Can we be both use the same referee ?

To apply, each participant must have a different referee. For example if both participants are waiters, one participants could have the Restaurant Manager as referee and the other the Assistant Restaurant Manager .

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Can my referee be from a different department ?

Yes, if the department are related, for example if you are working in the kitchen department, your referee can be from the F&B department. An example of non related department is for example Maintenance, marketing, finance, Human Ressource etc 

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Is my referee required to attend the training ?

No, but we will provide the referee an access to the training content if he/she wishes to participate in the training or just have a look at the training content. We will also update the referee on your completion of the various training modules you will be taking.

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How will I access the training ?

Participants will be provided an account on Taylor's Online Learning Platform to access the content. You will be able to connect to the Platform from a mobile device (phone or tablet) or a computer. For mobile phone access, a large screen size is recommended and  preferably the phone should be 3 years old or less.

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Do I need a constant connection to internet to access the training ?

Yes, after logging in to Taylor's Online Learning Platform you will need to stay connected to access the training content. The connection to internet can be through 3G / 4G or wifi.

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Will I need to attend training on specific day or time ?

The trainings have been designed to not require participants to attend live session or connect at any specific day/time. You can complete the trainings at your own pace.

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Can I start the training on my mobile phone and continue on a computer?

Yes, you can access the content anytime, from any platform and switch from one device to another.

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How many Training modules will be available ?

Participants will be given the possibility to register to the following 3 trainings modules :


  • Fundamental of Wine Studies

  • Principles of Restaurant Financials

  • Hygiene & Safety Practices for Hospitality

During the registration, you will be given the possibility the register to one module, two modules,  or the three.

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How long will it take to complete each training module?

Participants will be given two weeks to complete each modules they register for. Each trainings was designed following the principles of 'nano' learning, so it is best to be studied in small sessions. With only 10 to 20 minutes a day, you should be able to completing one module in 3 to 5 days. You can access content anytime during the training, and study whenever you have time or it is convenient. The trainings have been developed to be studied progressively, in small sessions, and give you the possibility of stopping for a day or two and continuing smoothly at your convenience.

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What is the medium of instruction?

All the training content is in english.

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Is there any examination at the end of the training ?

There is no examination at the end of trainings, but you will be required to complete a small quiz after you study a chapter. For each quiz, you will be required to achieve 100% of correct answers, but you can try each quiz as many times as you like. 

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What is Learning experience like ?

Each trainings use a variety of methods to help you learn easily. You will be required to watch some videos, do some light reading, complete some interactive activities, and complete a quiz to test your understanding.


To complete the activities or quiz you will not need to download any applications or softwares but simply connect to our online learning platform. 

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Will I be issued a Certificate of completion from Taylor's and MAH?

Each a certificate of completion will be provided to participants for the various module they complete. To complete a module, you will be required to achieve 100% of correct answers to each quiz.

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What will happen after I register?

After registration, we will be providing you early January all the required information to access the content and your log in details. All communication will be made by email, please ensure you provide a valid address during registration.

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When will I be able to access the training content?

The training content will be made accessible at the following dates : 

  • Access to  your account on Taylor's online learning platform: 13 February  2021

  • Principles of Restaurant Financials : Available on the platform on 15th February  2021

  • Fundamental of Wine Studies : Available on the platform on 22sd February 2021

  • Hygiene & Safety Practices for Hospitality : Available on the platform on 1 Mars 2021

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How to register ?

Simply complete the registration form. To access it, simply click on the button below : 

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