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Continuing its legacy as a global leader in the culinary and hospitality field for more than 30 years, Taylor’s is giving its Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes a new home with the launch of Taylor’s Culinary Institute in 2020.
Taught by master instructors in state-of-the-art facilities, our programmes prepare the high-calibre graduates who are prized by the industry. Our programmes combine a hands-on approach to culinary operations with creativity and more advanced techniques as well as global exposure to all aspects of operating a food and hotel business, from the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to the principles of markets, accounting and management. 
Every year, we secure placement for our students in top restaurants and hotels worldwide, providing them valuable opportunities to strengthen their core skills and the life-changing experience of working with the best professionals in the industry.
The Culinary Institute also supports the industry with a comprehensive range of courses and workshops especially tailored to provide ongoing learning opportunities to industry professionals who want to enhance their skills and broaden their career opportunities.
We strive to provide our students with an experiential education coupled with social learning interaction and the development of the core capabilities required for lifelong learning and continuing career advancement.


Culinary Yours


Frederic Cerchi, Director Culinary Institute

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School Event & Activity


A Week of Culinary Excellence with Chef Jocelyn Deumie and Chef Pascal Bonnafous at Taylor’s Culinary Institute

A Journey of Hotel Management Students into Hospitality Excellence by Exploring EQ Kuala Lumpur


Unleashing the Potential of Taylor's Hospitality & Culinary Students' Involvement in the World Barista Championship 2024

The Art of Sake Appreciation with Koichiro Tamura of Hikami Sake Brewery

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